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We always take pride in being the best at what we do. We know that it can be very frustrating when things break down, but we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. We make sure that we are always on time and fix the problem.


A-Z Tech handle many types of electrical servicing projects. Our electricians are always punctual, professional, and hard working.


We install air conditioning units and boiler units all over the country. Our employees are always fast. clean, and professional.


We always offer a professional and timely service. Our technicians always arrive on time, and we always do the job right the first time.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Installations

Wall mounted air conditioning systems are by far the most popular systems in a personal dwelling and provide cooling down to 18°C.

With a vast variety of designs, there is no doubt there will be a perfect wall mounted unit for you. While having the lowest installation cost, they are also easy to maintain and can be retrofitted to require no channels cut into walls.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioning Installations

Floor mounted Air Condition units are more costly than their counter part wall mounted units. While also providing the same cooling efficency, they take inspiration from the average household radiator.

Where space can be an issue for wall mounted units, floor mounted units may be the solution while staying out of blatant sight.

Ceiling Concealed Air Conditioning Installations

Ceiling concealed units are an amazing option for minimalistic units in a dwelling, and they are also best to be installed during a refurbisbing stage or construction stage of a project as it required a box or lowered ceiling to achieve that minimalistic design.

Compared to installing ducting in your home, this option can achieve that desired vent look for a cheaper price point.

Ducting Air Conditioning Installations

Ducting is the most expensive option in a home and is best to be installed during the construction or refurbishing of a dwelling as the unit and ducting require to be placed in a suitable location, hidden from sight, such as a suitable closet or loft.

This can be a great option if you would rather not have any unit in view as only a minimal grill or vent in various designs will be visible.

Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Air source heat pumps require a lot more work depending on you property, but it is a very efficient way to heat your home during winter with up to 300% efficiency.



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